James Rodriguez introduces new GF in the Munich’s celebration

James Rodriguez finally dared to introduce to the public about his new known lover named Shannon de Lima. This moment occurred when Bayern Munich ensured themselves as defending champions of the German Bundesliga, in the moment of the championship celebration that the player showed his lover to the wider public.

Although not included in the main squad in the last few matches of Munich, James proudly stayed on the pitch with Shannon after the match victory against Eintracht Frankfurt at the Allianz Arena on Saturday, 21 June 2019. In the party’s determination that Munich showed its might as a German champion by winning 5-0.

This certainty reinforces Munich as the German Bundesliga champion, because he managed to win seven times in a row. When referring to that beautiful moment, James and his lover were seen for the first time together in Munich, and this moment brushed aside all the speculations that had developed since January 2019.

Indeed, the news was also confirmed by the confession of Shannon, who felt happy for the success of Munich to be the champion. This expression can be seen in her personal social media account, where Shannon posted that special moment on her personal Instagram.

In this post, Shannon brings up photos of James with congratulations and heart emojis. Before this moment happened, it was known that James’s closeness with Shannon had been seen in a post on each other’s Instagram accounts, and they seemed often walk together.

Their official dating status is now very interesting to dissect, both of which are having romance after parting with the previous couple. James divorced Daniela Ospina, his teammate’s sister in the Colombian national team, David Ospina, in 2017. Both were blessed with a daughter named Salome.

What is very interesting here is the story of Shannon, who is the third wife of Marc Anthony, after Dayanara Torres and Jennifer Lopez. The two couples ended their marriage in the same month. Now the news that is now awaited is the status of James with Munich.

Speculation is growing now that James is ready to leave the Allianz Arena. So far, there are many clubs that are ready to accommodate this former Real Madrid player, where there are names like Arsenal, Manchester United, Paris Saint Germain and Atletico Madrid.

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