Iwan Rheon admits Sophie Turner’s rape scene was the worst day of his career

Iwan Rheon, the actor from Great Britain recently revealed the worst day of his career as an actor. The 35-year-old man also called Sophie Turner’s rape scene in the Game of Thrones series as his worst day.

For information, Iwan Rheon has indeed appeared in a number of episodes in the Game of Thrones series with his role as Ramsay Bolton. The figure of Ramsey Bolton is a notorious noble, sadistic and arbitrary figure.

In the story, Ramsey Bolton is indeed married to Sansa Stark, the female character played by Sophie Turner. On their wedding night, Ramsey Bolton forces Theon Greyjoy to witness himself raping Sansa Stark as his new wife.

Iwan Rheon admits that he went into the script of the scene first and that he couldn’t deny that Ramsay Bolton’s actions in the film were terrible.

It was so terrible that Iwan Rheon considered it the worst day of his career as an actor.

“They didn’t create hype or anything. It was very, very hard to watch. Unfortunately, it was a terrible thing that happened, and it shouldn’t have happened. It was the worst day of my career,” he said.

Furthermore, Iwan Rheon emphasized that none of the players actually acted in the scene, everything was managed by software and used plastic.

“We’re just acting, it’s not real. So something like that where you are in the reality of a real situation is very difficult to deal with. It was a terrible day,” he said.

Playing the figure of Ramsay Bolton, who is known as an ambitious, cruel and arbitrary man, is not easy for Iwan Rheon.
In fact, to be able to bring the audience to hate his figure, Iwan has learned from various characters including the late Heath Ledger when playing the Joker in the film Batman and The Dark Knight.

“First Heath Ledger’s Joker, then I think of Dennis the Menace. It’s great to have childlike joy in doing all these terrible things, and then Liam Gallagher’s attitude and gait,” he said.

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