It’s the turn of James Milner to get a new contract from Liverpool

Liverpool have just extended the contract of their manager, Jurgen Klopp until 2024. Not long after, the Marseyside Team announced another agreement they had reached, that they officially extended the contract for the first team captain, James Milner. Did the captain also get a new contract until 2024?

James Milner, 33, joined Liverpool in the 2015 summer transfer market. At that time, his contract with Manchester City was not renewed, so he was docked to Anfield on a free transfer. Since then, Milner was transformed into one of the important figures in the body of The Reds.

A total of 198 appearances have been recorded by Milner so far, scoring 25 goals in between. He helped Liverpool achieve many achievements, including the European Champions League title in the 2018/19 season campaign yesterday. Unfortunately, Milner’s old contract with Liverpool will expire at the end of this season.

Not surprisingly, if then circulated rumors that say that Milner will leave Anfield next summer. However, Liverpool then gave him a new two-year contract. This contract extension also dampens speculation that the player will leave the club in the summer.

Regarding the new contract, James Milner said he was very happy, but he realized, there were still many things he had to achieve with the Marseyside Team.

“I think I am a person who is fortunate enough to be able to defend this club for four and a half years, let alone see how this club develops. I enjoy training every day, working with this group of players, managers and coaching staff, and being part of this football club. ”

“I have spoken with the club, and of course this contract is what I need, I am happy here – stay and play at the highest level as long as I can. Liverpool is an unbelievable place and we are a very, very good soccer team and I hope this team can continue to grow in the years to come.”

“Of course, the coach is waiting for his new contract, so I have time to ask whether I will get a new contract? Therefore, this makes me happy, “Milner told Liverpoolfc (dot) com.

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