It’s been five years, it’s time for France to give Benzema a chance

Five years on, Benzema is still being dumped by the French National Team. Now ahead of Euro 2021, Didier Deschamps is advised to give the Real Madrid striker a chance.

During the last five years, the French National Team has also been handled by the same coach, Didier Deschamps. In short, as long as Deschamps is still in charge of the French national team, there is no chance for Benzema to defend the banner of Les Bleus.

No one is sure yet about the problems between Deschamps and Benzema, but one thing that is certain was the beginning of Benzema’s removal was the case of Mathieu Valbuena a few years ago. Since then, Benzema is no longer called the national team.

Of course this is very unfortunate, especially since Benzema himself is still quite productive at club level with Real Madrid. In short, there are many people who ask about whether Benzema will be called up by the French national team again ahead of the 2021 Euro Cup?

Moreover, the Rooster Team certainly needs the best players if they want to win the competition later.

For this reason, a French football analyst, Jean Michel Larque, said that it is time for Deschamps to make peace with Benzema and give the player another chance to appear in the French National Team.

“I don’t blame Deschamps for what happened. However, I just want to say that forgiveness is also part of our society and shows the qualities of a man.” Larque said quoted from Marca.

Meanwhile, one of the French media, Le Figaro had conducted a survey related to Karim Benzema, whether they wanted the player to defend the French national team again, the survey results showed 55 percent of fans wanted Benzema back.

In fact, Didier Deschamps also spoke about the survey. The tactician did not rule out the possibility of calling Benzema back even though he had not completely forgotten what happened five years ago.

“This is a wound. Even after being a little forgotten over time, I still can’t really forget it,”

“This is not only related to Karim Benzema, but there have been statements from other people that led to acts of violence against my family. For me this is unacceptable,” said Deschamps.

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