Italians never expect that Coronavirus is very dangerous

It turns out that the Italian public has never taken seriously the threat from the Corona Virus or COVID-19 before it spread very quickly. This was revealed by Atalanta captain, Papu Gomez.

Keep in mind, Italy is now listed as the second country with the most Corona Virus exposure after China, as the origin of the virus.

Until this news was revealed, found more than 60 thousand positive cases of Corona in Italy, with more than 6000 people died. In fact, 800 people per day can be found per day in the Land of Spaghetti.

So, what is the cause of the spread of this virus continues intense? Even though the fact is that the Italian government has warned their citizens not to leave the house, forbid going to crowds like markets, or just walking in the park.

Now, it was revealed later by Captain Atalanta, Papu Gomez that what actually happened was the attitude of the Italian citizens. They too underestimate the threat of the Corona Virus, even to the point of lying to remain active outside the home.

“They are still determined to walk. Some go out to run, some go to the park for crunches, some take their dogs for a walk because they are bored, even lying to get to the market, ”

“I’m a sportsman, but I don’t go out to exercise. Because it has become my duty, all of us, “said Papu Gomez.

Furthermore, the man from Argentina revealed how the Italians thought the Corona Virus was like an ordinary flu epidemic, so they continued to do their activities as usual.

“People get information wrong. From the beginning we all underestimated this case, because we thought it was just the common cold, so we continued to carry on our activities as usual,” Gomez said again.

Now, the situation is getting worse. This virus does not subside, even getting worse with a very high rate of spread every day. Italy is now in crisis, the government has done a lockdown on all community activities, including football.

Italian Serie A has been officially suspended until next May 2020. It could be longer or even postponed if the situation does not subside.

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