Italian Super Cup done, Juventus’ next focus is Serie A!

Cristiano Ronaldo believes that Juventus ‘victory in the Italian Super Cup Final has boosted the players’ confidence. For that reason too, the Bianconneri will focus more on the Italian Serie A stage.

As is known, Juventus just faced Napoli in the Italian Super Cup party. The duel which took place on Thursday morning WIB (21/01) ended with a score of 2-0, the Bianconneri’s victory.

Each goal was scored by two Juventus frontmen, Cristiano Ronaldo himself in the 67th minute, and Alvaro Morata in the final minutes of the match.

For Juventus itself, this is the 9th Italian Super Cup trophy in the club’s history, where the last one was won in 2018 when they beat AC Milan. At that time, Cristiano Ronaldo also scored the Bianconneri’s winning goal.

Speaking of Juventus’ win over Napoli earlier, Cristiano Ronaldo admitted that it was a special win due to poor pitch conditions, and after the previous defeat against Inter Milan.

“We are very happy with this win, it was a difficult match, mainly because the pitch was so bad, but we managed to finish it,”

“We showed a different attitude from the poor performance against Inter. It has passed, this is an important trophy and the hope is that it can give additional confidence to face the future,” Ronaldo told RAI Sport after the match.

As is known, previously Juventus were defeated by Inter Milan with a final score of 0-3. The defeat made Juve even further from the top of the standings.

Currently, AC Milan leads the standings with 43 points or 9 ahead of Juventus. However, Cristiano Ronaldo believes this victory will boost the players’ confidence and will be more eager to win after victory on the Serie A stage.

“Milan and Inter are very strong, but I believe that we have what it takes to win. It will be very difficult, but I believe the Scudetto is still possible to achieve,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, after this Juventus will immediately focus on against Bologna in the Italian Serie A continued. The match will take place at Allianz Stadium, on Sunday (24/1/2021) evening WIB.

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