Italian Sports Minister reveals 2019/20 Serie A could be cancelled

Italian Serie A can follow the steps of the French Ligue 1 to stop this 2019/20 season campaign. This was revealed by the Italian Minister of Sports, Vincenzo Spadafora.

For information, Italy is listed as one of the countries in Europe that is most severely affected by the COVID-19 Virus pandemic. The situation forced the Italian Serie A as the highest football competition there to be suspended since early March.

In fact, the Serie A competition was recorded as the first of the top five European leagues to be postponed due to this pandemic. Then when will it continue again? So far, there is no clarity. Moreover, the situation has not fully improved.

Vincenzo Spodafor revealed that now the Italian PSSI, FIGC is discussing plans to roll back the competition of Serie A. However, the minister of sports looks pessimistic about the continuation of competition this season.

Not without reason, several Club Presidents have reached an agreement so that the league is dismissed. In other words, Italy will be the fourth country after Belgium, the Netherlands and France which have officially stopped their soccer competitions this season.

“Negotiations are ongoing between the scientific committee and the FIGC, which has presented medical protocols that are deemed insufficient,”

“However, I always say that continuing training does not always mean continuing the season. I see continuing Serie A as an increasingly unlikely possibility,”

“France will not be the last league to decide to stop here and this could encourage Italy to take the same approach,” Spadafora told La7 television.

Plans to end the campaign this season did bring up the pros and cons before. The best way to make a decision is to hold a poll. However, Vincenzo Spadafora was not interested in taking part in the poll.

Belgium became the first country to stop their soccer competition, then the Netherlands. The latest, there are France who have ensured that the Ligue 1 competition this season was officially stopped.

France is already feeling a big impact from this outbreak, after the Covid-19 Pandemic killed more than 23 thousand people there. While throughout the world, the total number of confirmed positive corona cases has reached more than 2.8 million cases.

Penulis: | 30 April 2020 | blog