Italian Serie A should be abolished?

The level of spread of Coronavirus in Italy is truly unstoppable, it even gets worse every day. For this reason, ex-Juventus Angelo Di Livio urged that the Italian Serie A competition this season should be abolished.

So far, this news was revealed, Italy has found more than 80 thousand positive cases of COVID-19, with a total of more than 8000 people died. That is, Italy is a country after China (origin of Corona Virus) with the findings of the highest number of cases in the world today.

Raise mortality there is also high, with a percentage of 10.19 Percent. That means, Italy is really being threatened. This virus poses a serious threat to the residents there, no wonder the government is really acting decisively in an effort to suppress the spread of the figure.

This outbreak also automatically stops many sports activities, not least the Italian Serie A as the highest soccer competition there. For a while, the competition was stopped until the coming May 2020.

Procrastination is indeed the best solution at the moment, but Angelo di Livio feels that it’s better to just stop the campaign this season. Not only because the conditions have not subsided, but also because the schedule automatically becomes irregular.

“The time to end it all and cancel the season has come. There is no point in playing, people think of everything except competition.

It is unclear when it can proceed, many matches will overlap and the whole system will be difficult, given that next year there will be a European Cup.

I think canceling the league and starting again in July or August is the right decision. That is the only way to save Italian football, “Di Livio told Tuttosport.

Furthermore, Di Livio lauds the medical staff who are now fighting in the vanguard to fight the Plague. In fact, they are called worthy of status as heroes.

“This outbreak is like lightning, we are all surprised. There is great fear and attention. Doctors and nurses are truly extraordinary and great heroes, they don’t have time to rest, “said Di Livio.

Penulis: | 27 Maret 2020 | blog