Italian Serie A could resume in May

The Coronavirus threat does still exist and cannot be underestimated, but the competition can still be continued without the presence of spectators and other conditions.

Italian Serie A became the first league to suspend their competition due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The suspension has actually been going on since March 9, 2020, or more than a month has passed.

This suspension was caused by the Italian government who imposed the Lockdown rule since a few days before. All club activities must also be suspended temporarily.

There is no certainty when the league will roll back, because the Coronavirus pandemic is still a threat to everyone.

But indeed in the last few days, the spread rate has tended to decrease. Although the numbers have not been a relief, the process continues to show a glimmer of hope. In other words, there is also hope that the Italian Serie A will be rolled out again.

Giovanni Rezza, as the top authority of the competition authority, said that Serie A might be able to roll again starting late May 2020. It’s just that the re-rolling of the competition is also accompanied by rules without spectators and strict rules against the players.

“For the time being, Serie A cannot start back yet, but it can be done within a month. Even without the presence of the audience and with strict regulations, “Rizza said, quoted by Football Italia.

Furthermore, it was emphasized that the first priority was the safety of everyone involved. Therefore, will the Italian football federation or FIGC will think about how to reduce the risk that can occur if the league starts rolling again.

“Every opening will bring threats. What we have to do is reduce the threat to the lowest possible level by setting very strict rules,”

“The FIGC is thinking about these rules to reduce risk to a minimum for players, staff and all those involved in football,” he added.

That is, the authorities may require all players to have regular blood tests and swabs as a preventive measure. If this plan is approved, it is likely that the competition will roll again in May.

Penulis: | 16 April 2020 | blog