It Hurts If Messi Leaves Barcelona

One of the former Barcelona players, Rafael Marquez is on the side that does not agree if Lionel Messi leaves Camp Nou. In fact, he will feel hurt if this happens.

The future of Six Ballon d’Or winner is still questionable, considering that his contract at Barcelona will end in the summer. Until now, there has been no new contract agreement from the two parties.

If we were talking about Bossman’s rules, Lionel Messi is actually able to talk with other clubs and reach a pre-contract agreement. However, Messi has yet to make an agreement with any team.

There are those who claim that La Pulga is still waiting for the results of the election for the Club President which is scheduled to be held in March. Even so, until now there is no guarantee that Lionel Messi will stay at the Camp Nou.

Of course there are so many people want him to stay at Barcelona, including his former colleague Rafael Marquez. In fact, the man from Mexico will feel hurt if Messi really leaves Barcelona.

“He has shown the best of himself every year and it hurts to see him leave Barcelona,”

“There is still uncertainty about whether he will leave or stay. It would be nice if he stays and also finishes his career there,” said Marquez when he met Ataque Futbolero.
What Rafael Marquez hopes now is that Lionel Messi can win

“something” with Barcelona, but if not, it doesn’t diminish the fact that he is one of the best in history.

“Hopefully, Messi can win something with his team. That is my prayer. But if it doesn’t happen, I don’t think it will minimize Leo. He is one of the best footballers in the history of this sport,” he concluded.

As far as the word got out, Lionel Messi, 33 years old, has been linked with two European giants, including Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain.

Penulis: | 26 Februari 2021 | blog