Is there going to be a sequel to ‘Petualangan Sherina’ movie?

For the generation of the 90s, there were many films in the early 2000s that were very entertaining even today. Call it one of them ‘Petualangan Sherina’, this musical-themed film starring Sherina Munaf.

Well, after 20 years passed after the release of the film, of course the characters in the film director Riri Riza have grown up, not to mention the main character, Sherina Munaf.

Nevertheless, the character of Sherina, played by a 29-year-old woman is indeed so attached. In fact, not a few who forget that Sherina Munaf is now no longer a film player, but a singer.

Not only that, there were also many requests that a sequel from the film ‘Sherina’s Adventure’ was worked on. Interestingly, the director got a question about that when chatting with Sherina Munaf on the recent Live Instagram Miles Film.

In his statement, Riri Riza claimed not to be the first time to receive the request, even since the first film was very successful 20 years ago.

“But all my friends, thank you so much, I got a lot of greetings that they still have dreams and this isn’t just now, huh.”

“When it was just when Sherina left the year 2000, many said when to make the sequel, met 5 years later (asked) to make the sequel,” said Riri Riza.

While Sherina Munaf herself admitted lately often met with Riri Riza. Even the singer of the song ‘First and Last Love’ has prepared something with Riri Riza.

“We have been meeting a lot. Before this pandemic, we often brainstormed whether it was just waiting, “Sherina Munaf said.

Riri Riza then replied that she also believed that in the future she could work together again with Sherina Munaf.

“In my view, Sherina is someone who grows with creativity with direction, it’s very interesting, so is the world you are in. And so why not, my feeling one day we will work together again Sher, “said Riri Riza.

Aside from Sherina Munaf, the character remembered in the film is Sadam, played by Derby Romeo.

Penulis: | 24 April 2020 | blog