Is It Going To Be Easy For South Korea This Time Against Germany?

It is going to be really easy for Germany against South Korea as per the odds. Though we cannot say anything for sure as South Korea is full of aggression this time. We just cannot be sure about their game, and they will try their best to get to the top in this World Cup. Though People won’t let them chase victory as it has some awful past in world cups and that is why it has the lowest chances of winning any game. Not only in World cup, but this team also doesn’t stand a chance of winning in any of the game.

You will be surprised by the fact that when it comes to the chances of winning in Group F, the odds are not at all relatable to South Korea with Germany. Germany stands a chance at the top of the group at 79% winning probability with 3/10 odds whereas South Korea stands a chance of 0% probability of winning with 16/1 odds. This is awful, but the odds say the same. Korea does not have great past, and it seems to be that Germany will take the lead no matter what happens. However, this match is going to be the best match in this world cup, and we cannot just hold on to this match.

Head to Head – South Korea vs. Germany

Well, talking about the past matches, Germany has been taking the lead by winning all the matches in the past. So, a total of 2 matches are helping where these 2 teams were against each other in the world cup. The 3rd match was held in an international friendly, and it was the last before this match. All of these matches were interesting, and the dates and score are mentioned in the section below.

Germany has been victorious in every game against South Korea in World cup, but the last match that held in 2004 was won by South Korea. This match can be a bit difficult of Germany if we talk about the pat and if we come back to the play and players, then Korea don’t stand a chance of winning this match at any cause. Anyways, it is going to be a real challenge for both the teams and Germany seems to be winning this match.

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