Is Denmark The Right Kind Of Warm-Up For France For A Tough Tournament Ahead?

France and Denmark take on each other on June 26, at Luzhniki Stadium, in a match between the best team and the distant second best, of the group, on papers. Of course, one would bet that Australia and Peru are not far from Denmark and hence this match could be different than the usual.

While France would be looking forward to stamping its authority with a massive win and stake its claim for the championship, Denmark, on the other hand, would want to avoid just that. A loss by a huge goal difference would not only destroy their morale, but also prove hazardous, in case, each of the three teams, except France end up with one wins each.


The team, led by cool as ice goalkeeper in Hugo Lloris, has all the firepower in its forward and midfield to cause goosebumps in the opposition’s dressing room even before the match kicks in. Generally, teams have one or maybe a couple of star players to rely on, but this team have plenty of them, combined with raw talents. The perfect trio of Antoine Griezmann, Paul Pogba, and Olivier Giroud is a dream on the field and Denmark surely is aware of it. From match perspective, France would want to ensure that they are not laid back owing to their superiority and get the momentum going till the very end of the tournament. The defense should see it as an opportunity to strengthen itself if the team wishes to go all the way.


Christian Eriksen, by all means, is the only hope for this nation looking forward to making its second quarterfinals ever. The team has gained a golden chance in this group to do justice to Denmark. However, it will all depend upon how they fare against France in their second group match. Realistically, a draw would be the best possible result, they would be counting on, and if that happens, there will be nothing stopping them from making it to the pre-quarters, at least. Pione Sisto and Yussuf Poulsen need to come good in forward to support Eriksen and the defense will have to accomplish a massive task of stopping the trio of Griezmann, Pogba, and Giroud from going on a rampage.

The Prediction

Keeping in mind the perfection shown by a French team, impressive line-up, and the latest win over Denmark, France surely seems capable enough to go all the way to the Finals. So, bet, all you can, on France winning it. The goal difference part could be tricky though.

Penulis: | 23 Juni 2018 | World Cup 2018