Inul’s dilemma over business continuity during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Although in the end closed all of her business temporarily, Inul admitted that she was quite a dilemma before making the decision. Because, she also thinks about the fate of its employees.

Inul Daratista, Indonesia’s dangdut singer, does indeed have a lot of business outside of her job as a singer. Like for example the karaoke business and others. You could say her business was running smoothly, she could employ hundreds of employees.

It’s just that, the situation is not friendly right now. The Coronavirus Pandemic has become increasingly worrying in Indonesia. Many people have started to close their businesses for a while. Economic conditions also felt a significant impact.

Inul herself cannot deny the fact that the economy is currently in chaos, all affected. That makes it a dilemma, because if you close your business, many people will lose their jobs and income temporarily.

However, in the end, this is the only decision to make, because the most important thing is the life and safety of all people.

“Actually, talking about it will damage our economy, yes. But what is more important is our humanity. So that’s all,” said Inul Daratista when talking to AFP via telephone.

Inul did not want to consider this pandemic as a personal loss, due to the fact that there were many who felt the same impact.

“So, yes, for me, there is no problem because everyone will feel the same. Want to be poor want to be rich, everything will surely experience chaotic finances.”

It’s just how we react, this is a case of the world and we all do not want to linger like this and do not want to be considered this is karma from God, “added Inul Daratista.

Obviously, Inul’s consideration was that most of her employees were the backbone of the family. She was reluctant to take the risk, when her employees got infected and then went home and passed the virus to their families.

“Yes, if they get infected with a virus, they come home contacted by their father and mother, and finally I die, which is the responsibility,” she said

In Indonesia so far, there are 1,986 positive COVID-19 cases have been found. The number who died reached 181 people and recovered 161 people.

Penulis: | 3 April 2020 | blog