Intimate photos like herself goes viral, this is what Echa Frauen said…

Beautiful model and celebgram, Echa Frauen, suddenly became the hot topic of Netizen conversation. None other than, related to a perverted photo circulating on Twitter, where the woman in the photo is similar to the model.

Obviously because of this photo, Echa’s Instagram account was immediately ‘raided’ by Netizens. Lots of Echa’s posts were immediately invaded by netizen comments.

Of course, most of them ask about the perverted photo, is it true that Echa is the female figure in the video.

Feeling unable to stand the netizen’s “attack”, Echa then emphasized that this was not the first time she had experienced an incident like this. Even Echa admits that she often gets DM in the form of indecent photos.

She never responded to this, especially because her husband and family truly believed in her.

“There were a lot of people who made photos circulating in the past, saying they were Echa photos. If you Echa or your husbands, they don’t care,” wrote Echa on Instagram Stories.

Furthermore, Echa emphasized that the physical characteristics of the woman in the nasty photo are very different from her, including the size of her breasts and long nails.

“It’s not Echa. From the size of the breasts, it’s really different. And those who know Echa really know the most visible thing in life, Echa never had nails that long.”

“Because sometimes I like the habit of accidentally biting my nails. If you see, it’s been long because of the extended fake nails, “said Echa.

Echa personally believes that the perpetrator who spread the intimate photos and said that the woman was him, actually only intended to bring Echa down.

“There is something if people want to fall into it,” said Echa.

Echa Frauen herself is a figure of a sexy and beautiful woman who works as a model for adult magazines. Apart from that, she is also a DJ.

However, since getting married some time ago, Echa rarely runs her profession and focuses more on her household. Even now, Echa seems to be pregnant.

Penulis: | 7 Desember 2020 | blog