Interim Barca President thinks Messi’s sale makes perfect sense

Carles Tusquets is currently the President of Interim Barcelona, ​​interestingly, he admits he would not hesitate to sell Lionel Messi in the transfer market last summer if he was in office at that time.

As is well-known, Barcelona was really upset last summer. How come? Their flagship superstar so far, Lionel Messi sent a transfer request.

In the fax he sent, Messi asked the club to activate a clause allowing him to leave for free with one year remaining on his contract at the club.

Unfortunately, Barcelona’s management at that time prevented Messi from leaving, placing a tag of 700 million euros which seemed impossible to redeem any club.

In the end, Lionel Messi did stay at Camp Nou, but his contract has only one year left, with the captain potentially leaving for free last summer.

Of course Barcelona is in danger of losing money if Messi leaves for free because in fact, he is in need of a lot of fresh cash injection.

As an end to this turmoil, President Josep Maria Bartomeu and his staff resigned after being under pressure from club supporters.

Currently, the position of President is occupied by Carles Tusquets for a while before elections take place in January.

Now, talking about the Lionel Messi case, Carles Tusquets turns out to have a different view from Bartomeu. If he had been in office at that time, he would not hesitate to let Lionel Messi go, given the current financial condition of the club.

“Economically, I will sell Messi last summer,” he told RAC1.

“It will be attractive for the money you receive and the money you save. La Liga needs a salary limit, “he said.

But on the one hand, one of the new Barcelona presidential candidates, Carles Font, has a different plan. If elected, he will try to make Messi stay at the Camp Nou.

“What is needed for Messi to survive is a competitive project. Because he always wants to win. Lately, this club does not have enough competitive projects and that affects how this club competes,” he said.

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