Interesting facts about “Vampire Fish”

The Amazon Forest is included in the category of the world’s largest forest, with many rare animals in it, including Vampire Fish. This fish has a terrible appearance, sharp teeth soaring up like a vampire in the big screen. Well, here are some interesting facts about Vampire fish that are rarely known.

1. Have super sharp teeth

When new born, Vampire Fish have jaw holes, but not without purpose, the hole in their jaws is where the growth of super sharp canines. The fangs are also very long, can reach up to 10-15 cm above and below.

2. Can grow up to 20 kg

As a predatory fish in the Amazon River, Vampire Fish can actually grow big, even the heaviest vampire fish ever found reaches 20 kg, but generally the weight of vampire fish is between 8-10 kg.

3. Aggressive & temperamental fish

In accordance with its appearance, the Vampire Fish was also ferocious, aggressive and temperamental. They are ready to devour prey around them. This type of fish does not like to be placed in an aquarium containing other types of fish, they will not hesitate to devour the fish.

4. Can eat piranha

Vampire fish is very aggressive, even the famous ferocious Piranha Fish is still inferior to this one fish. Vampire fish can prey on piranhas easily. Very sharp teeth will easily tear even crush the piranha’s head. You could say, Vampire fish is a super predator that makes ferocious fish like Piranha run away scared.

5. Does not attack humans

Despite being aggressive and temperamental, the fact is that Vampire fish do not attack humans, except when pressed or when they feel threatened. There are many anglers who get bitten by this fish, but only leave a scar, not to death.

6. Reliable swimmer

Vampire fish live in the fast flowing, dangerous and dangerous waters of the Amazon. Certainly, Vampire fish have excellent swimming skills. They are also known to have excellent navigation skills. They have large fins, so Vampires can change their swimming direction quickly and readily.

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