Inter Milan “threatened” without Alexis Sanchez in the semi-finals

A slap was hard on Inter Milan, where Antonio Conte’s men were threatened with not being able to play Alexis Sanchez, when they met Shakhtar Donetsk in the semifinals of the Europa League later.

As is known, Inter Milan did switch to the Europa League this season after ending the European Champions League group phase in third place. Of course, the Italian Club will strive to go as far as possible at this annual event.

They have appeared quite impressive so far and managed to step into the semifinals after beating Bayer Leverkusen on Tuesday (11/08), with a narrow score of 2-1.

Meanwhile, Shakhtar Donetsk previously appeared mighty by beating Basel 4-1 through a landslide score. Well, these two teams will meet in the semifinals.

However, it is unlikely that Inter will be a full team in this crucial match. Because Alexis Sanchez is likely to be absent. Sanchez’s injury occurred in the match against Bayer Leverkusen yesterday.

The player who had just been bought from Manchester United came on as a substitute in the second half. But after only a few minutes of appearing, he was injured until he received treatment on the sidelines.

Indeed, after receiving treatment, the former Arsenal star returned to the field and played until the game was over. However, as reported by Goal International, Alexis Sanchez has the potential to miss the semi-finals later.

The La Beneamata camp itself confirmed that the injury suffered by Alexis Sanchez is still not fully recovered. Therefore, the club plans to further examine the injury suffered by their attacker.

But most likely, Chilean players will be absent again in the semi-finals later.

Obviously this is a very bad news, especially if Sanchez ends up missing the match. Because after all, this Chilean player has appeared impressively since the second half rolled around, especially since the Reboot of the competition last June.

In fact, because of his impressive performance, Inter Milan then redeemed the player permanently from Manchester United. This permanent move has been announced by the La Beneamata camp and also Manchester United.

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