Inter Milan interested to attract Luka Modric

Although the Real Madrid President confirms that Luka Modric’s contract is reaching 750 million euros which could not possibly be redeemed any team, but the latest news claim that the Inter Milan who are interested towards Croatia’s captain still potentially get services with pay is smaller than that.

Luka Modric, 32 years old, it is already a mainstay of Real Madrid since concerned imported from Tottenham hotspur on the stock transfer of the summer of 2010. So far, Modric has managed to offer a number of prestigious title for the Los Blancos, including two titleholders Spain La liga and four European Champions League trophy.

The 32-years-old player must performing brilliantly, even at this summer he managed to help Croatia national team stepped up to the final round. In spite of the failure of Croatia to bring the Trophy, but it must be said that he has performed best throughout the competition, hence the question got an award as the best player in the event.

No wonder if concerned then demand by one of the Serie A Giants Inter Milan. Yes, coach Luciano Spalletti claimed to be very interested in getting Modric, as his team next season were to play in the European Champions League. But, Real Madrid don’t want Croatia players took off it.

In fact, the Juventus President confirmed that a team of enthusiasts had to pay a 750 million euros, if you want to get a player of Croatia. But of course it’s not the numbers that can be reached by teams such as Inter Milan. However, as believed by the journalist trustworthy transfer Italy, Gianluca Di Marzio, the chance of Inter haven’t really ran out and they still dress this great transfer case.

It is possible because Madrid will not be demanding is such a big, if Modric himself who asked to leave. The case is similar with the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus, where the transfer is still reasonable. Mentioned by At Marzio, Giuseppe Riso and Vlado Lemic is now so Inter hopes to convince Modric while guiding the process of moving from Madrid on the stock this summer. So we look forward to just whether Inter can realize a transfer surprise before the summer ends.


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