Inter Milan definitely can sign Messi

That conviction came from one of Inter Milan’s former players, Benoit Cauet. According to him, the new Nerazzurri leader has substantial financial support to be able to realize the Lionel Messi’s transfer saga to San Siro.

Actually, since 2006 Inter Milan have been trying to get Lionel Messi’s services. At that time, Inter tried to hijack Messi, who was young and not yet bright, but their efforts ended in vain.

In the summer transfer market in 2018 yesterday, Inter Milan was believed to repeat a similar attempt. This action was seen as a response to seeing his rival, Juventus, who succeeded in bringing Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid. Unfortunately, their efforts again led to failure.

However, this did not necessarily undermine the Nerazzurri’s determination to hook Messi. Massimo Moratti as the former president of Inter seems very ambitious to see the Argentine star bertandem with Lukaku cs.

He believes that the new Inter Milan leader, Steven Zhang has the capability of funds to bring in a player as big as Messi. That belief was supported by one of Inter Milan’s former players, Benoit Cauet.

“Of course Inter can recruit Lionel Messi, there’s no doubt that they can do that. President Zhang has financial capabilities and potential ambitions. He is a president with strong thoughts, “Cauet said in a live broadcast session on social media Instagram.

Inter Milan must think that they need to prepare a very large pocket, not only for the transfer fee, but also for Lionel Messi’s salary. Moreover, they can also be obstructed by Financial Fair Play regulations, which are monitoring many big clubs.

If found violating these rules, the sanctions obtained by Inter is arguably quite terrible. Look at Manchester City, Pep Guardiola’s troops certainly cannot play on the European stage the next two seasons in a row.

But, Inter Milan is believed to no longer be a watch by the FFP team, so they are confident they can bring in high-priced players like Messi. But the question is, are Barcelona willing to lose Messi? Or is Messi willing to move to the San Siro?

Penulis: | 9 April 2020 | blog