Indonesia reported first Coronavirus cases, this is what Iwan Fals’ opinion

Indonesian legend musician, Iwan Fals also commented on the Coronavirus that has entered Indonesia.

As is known, the COVID-19 virus has been horrendous the world since the last few months. The virus that allegedly originated from the Wuhan city market, China is spreading so fast. Some European countries like Italy have even contracted the virus.

Over the past three months or so, the virus is believed to have killed more than 2,000 people. Therefore, this one outbreak has become a serious concern. Some countries have taken precautionary measures.

Like Saudi Arabia, for example, where they postpone the Umrah visit without exception for an undetermined time.

Whereas in Indonesia, precautions have been taken. However, it has been confirmed by President Ir Joko Widodo that there are already positive patients with the Corona virus in the country.

It was explained that there were two Japanese tourists, from Indonesia to Malaysia, while in the neighboring country, they were positively detected by the Corona virus. After searching, it turns out that there are two citizens of the country who are positive for the COVID-19 virus.

“There are Japanese people who go to Indonesia and then live in Malaysia. Checked there turned out to be positive corona. The team in Indonesia immediately searched. It turns out that people who have been affected by the corona virus are related to two people, a mother who is 64 years old, and her daughter 31 years old, “Jokowi said in Jakarta.

Responding to this, senior Indonesian musician, Iwan Fals also commented through his personal Twitter account. He asked the public to wisely respond to that.

“Well, right. Yes, if you meet with people shaking hands, just be wiser. Yes, I have to say what, just face it, what is important is that we take care of our health, maintain our hygiene, follow the doctor’s instructions, while continuing to pray that we will not be infected by corona … happy Monday …, “wrote Iwan, Monday (2/3/2020).

Keep in mind, the most effective preventive measures are using a mask when leaving the house, always wash your hands when going to and after your activities, take care of your health by taking vitamins and diligently consuming fruits that are rich in vitamin C.

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