If not qualifying for the Champions League, MU will be in financial crisis

Manchester United look doubtful to finish in the last four of the Premier League final standings this season. If this is true, it means that they are again absent in the European Champions League. This situation can have an impact on the financial condition of the club.

For information, currently Ole Gunnar Solksjaer’s troops are in 7th position in the Premier League standings. In that position, Rashford et al behind six points from the top four who are still occupied by Chelsea.

Actually, six points is not too wide a distance. It’s just that, seeing the condition of the club over the past few weeks, they look doubtful. Competition through the big four is also not easy. There was Leicester City who reduced one slot for the Big Six team.

As a result, Manchester United was forced to compete with two other Big Six teams, they were Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur. Don’t forget Arsenal, even though they are in 10th place, Mikel Arteta’s landing team could show a buzz for the rest of the season.

If you fail to finish in the top four, it means a big disaster for Manchester United. Reportedly, MU faces the threat of a major financial crisis if it fails to penetrate the Champions League next season. Failing to the Champions League means failing to meet the demands of their sponsors.

Because the sponsors will benefit a little from clubs that fail to win or fail to play in the European Champions League. The benefits are still obtained, it’s just a small scale for a big team like Manchester United.

Failure to play in the Champions League next season means that MU must be willing to lose up to £ 20 million from the clause of cooperation with Adidas, an amount large enough for one season. MU will also have difficulty renewing the old contract the next few years. Because sponsors will be more interested in working with more successful teams.

Indeed, Manchester United is a wealthy club, but they also have to keep spending 232 million pounds each season to pay the players.
The financial crisis certainly has an impact on the recruitment of stagnant players. As a result, Solskjaer could not build the dream squad to awaken the glory of the Red Devils.

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