If not injured, Marc Marquez predicted won’t appear fiercely?

Many consider that Marc Marquez’s absence at the MotoGP event this season is the reason why the competition looks so tight. However, Yamaha Test Rider Jorge Lorenzo believes that the situation would not have been different if the Honda Rider had appeared from the beginning.

As is known, Marc Marquez did experience a fracture of the humeral bone which forced him to undergo two different operations. As a result, the eight-time world champion has been absent from the first series until now.

The attendance of the Repsol Honda Rider made the competition in the Grand Prix standings seem very tight. Quartararo who is at the top is only eight points ahead of Alex Rins as his closest competitor.

Jorge Lorenzo, who has retired since the end of 2019, cannot deny that every team, except Aprilia Racing, has the opportunity to become champions in this 2020 season.

“This season, except Aprilia, all bikes can win. But Aprilia is also not far behind. Even so, this season there is no Marc, whose talent is amazing, has always won since his debut in MotoGP, and has continued to develop,” said Lorenzo.

Many have assumed that the success of a number of riders such as Fabio Quartararo, Alex Rins, Franco Morbidelli and others was due to the absence of Marc Marquez.

The uncertain competition map is also believed to be due to the absence of the Spanish rider. However, Lorenzo did not agree with this assumption.

According to him, the situation would not have been different if Marc Marquez was not absent. All of that also depends on other factors, such as motorbike, weather and others.

“Before Marc was injured, people asked me if Marc would be dominant again this season, and I say it depends on the improvement of Honda and his rival’s performance. We’ll see Marc is fast at Jerez, but we can’t know what will happen on other tracks,” he said. .

But what is clear is that Marc Marquez’s absence has affected the mentality of other riders.

“Without Marc in action, many riders realize they can win the world title. This season is the most unpredictable season ever,” he concluded.

Marc Marquez’s own condition has gradually improved, the hope is that the rider can step down before the end of the 2020 season campaign.


Penulis: | 8 Oktober 2020 | blog