If Lionel Messi provocative, then Cristiano Ronaldo arrogant?

Behind his figure who looks quiet and kind, according to former Real Madrid goalkeeper, Jerzy Dudek, Messi is a provocative player. The Mega Argentine star is also with other Barcelona players always trying to provoke Real Madrid.

For information, Jerzy Dudek indeed had time to defend Real Madrid, precisely in the period 2007 to 2011. Although previously contributed to the success of Liverpool to become European Champions League champion in 2005, Dudek only became the second goalkeeper at Real Madrid.

Understandably, at that time Real Madrid still had Iker Casillas who was irreplaceable under the crossbar. As a result, Dudek only recorded 15 appearances for five seasons defending the banner of Los Blancos.

Nevertheless, the Polish goalkeeper has never felt the heat of rivalry with Barcelona, ​​or the so-called El Clasico. On several occasions meeting the Catalan Giants, they know the exact nature of each of their players.

In the recently released autobiography, Dudek then revealed who Messi really was. In his view, the Argentinian mega star is a player who likes to provoke opposing players, as well as other Barca players.

“Messi likes to cheat and provoke, as well as Barcelona and Pep Guardiola. They are very ready to provoke you and can do it perfectly. They hurt Jose Mourinho [Real Madrid coach at the time] and the team as a whole,”

“I saw Messi say harshly to Pepe and Sergio Ramos that you would not imagine coming from a figure who seems quiet and kind,” said Dudek as quoted by Marca.

Not only knowing the character of the opposing players, Dudek certainly also knew very well the character of his team-mates. Cristiano Ronaldo in his view is an arrogant player.

“Cristiano Ronaldo is arrogant, but behind the scenes he is an ordinary person. Depending on how people perceive, more or less,”

“Like Raul, he is egocentric, very competitive and is a champion. Both of them prefer their team to win 2-1 through their goals rather than winning 5-0 through goals from other players, “he said.

Penulis: | 23 April 2020 | blog