If he was still alive, Marco Simonceli would have rocketed in MotoGP

Loris Capirossi as a former MotoGP Rider who now works as a Safety Advisor at the same event reminisces about the late talented young rider from Italy, Marco Simoncelli. According to him, if he was still alive, Simoncelli would have been victorious now.

As is known, Marco Simoncelli was predicted to be a potential world champion since moving to MotoGP in 2010. At that time, he was managing the San Carlo Honda Gresini Team.

His racing style is reckless and tends to be aggressive, making the public flabbergasted by Simoncelli’s actions on the track. He also has speed and technical skills.

In the second year after his debut in MotoGP, Simonecelli won the first two podiums in the Czech and Austrian Series. Unfortunately, in the same year, his life was taken as a result of an accident that occurred at Bend 11 of the Sepang Circuit, Malaysia.

At that time, Simoncelli fell from his motorbike, his helmet was off, while the two riders behind him, Valentino Rossi and Colin Edwards, could not escape and hit his body.

Capirossi, who at that time had retired from racing, admitted that his relationship with Simoncelli was very good, he also often gave advice when the new rider competed in the highest class.

“Our relationship has always been good, even when Marco was still playing in GP125. He has a great and unusual character. His body was very tall even when he was a child. When he played in GP250, he became world champion,”

“Then, he decided to go up to MotoGP and our relationship grew closer. I gave him a lot of help. Every time he goes off the track, if I am there, we always agree that I tell him which racing line is ideal. Our bond is really strong,” said Capirossi.

Capirossi seemed devastated to lose Marco Simoncelli, whom he considered his best friend. If he were still alive, he was sure that Simoncelli would be victorious in MotoGP.

“I miss Marco very much. He is very close to me. He has a very big heart, and is a rider who never gives up. There is no doubt that his career must be skyrocketing and very beautiful. But above all, I am very sad that a friend has left. , “he said.

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