HRC ensures the recovery process of Marc Marquez has improved

Honda Racing Club provides positive news regarding the progress of the recovery process for their flagship rider, Marc Marquez. Until now, the recovery process is running smoothly and the rider’s condition is much better than before.

The racer from Spain himself suffered a fracture of the humerus in the first series of the 2020 MotoGP season yesterday. As a result of this prolonged injury, Marc Marquez also had to be sidelined for a full season.

His condition is now not fully ready for racing, because after undergoing three different operations, Alex Marquez’s older brother still has to go through the recovery stage.

However, the recovery process has been going well so far, the last time Marc even uploaded a photo of himself training at the gym. Back then, that eight-time World Champion was only lightly training.

After several weeks passed, Marc Marquez returned to upload the latest photo, it appears that he is doing training in the gym, but the training line is heavier than before, even involving his hands.

In the photo’s caption, Marc Marquez only wrote “Finding Differences, Step by Step”.

The Honda Racing Club itself admits that Marc Marquez’s current condition is much better. Their flagship rider is able to perform functional exercises on the part of the arm bone that has just been squeezed.

However, HRC also reported that Marc still needed to get antibiotic injections during the recovery period.

“Further examination of Marc Marquez’s condition at the Hospital Ruber Internacional, 10 weeks after surgery on an infected pseudoarthrosis in his right humerus bone, has confirmed a favorable clinical situation.”

“The medical team led by dr. Samuel Antuna and dr. Ignacio Roger de Ona, and including dr. Joan de Miguel, dr. Aitor Ibarzabal, and dr. Andrea Garcia Villanueva, checked for signs of bone consolidation and were satisfied with the progress.”

“From now on and in the coming weeks, Marquez will be able to make steady progress in the process of restoring functional to his operated arm,” quoted from HRC’s official statement.

Unfortunately, HRC has not been able to provide a definite date when Marc Marquez can fully recover and return to racing.

Penulis: | 15 Februari 2021 | blog