How’s the figure of Bali United’s sexy boss?

Football fans in this land of certainly know who is a big man with abundant wealth named Pieter Tanuri. If no one knows about it, then he is the sole owner of the elite liga 1 Indonesia club, Bali United.

Interestingly here is when the investigation team managed to dissect more in Pieter Tanuri who is known to have a very beautiful and sexy child named Adelle Odelia Tanuri. With her beautiful face, it is only natural that the naked eyes of the Adam people are so confused along with their smooth legs.

Investigated, Adelle also had a great sense of love for football and was clearly no different from her father’s hobby. Seen so seriously, Adelle also tried to prove to the public by being interested in the football industry, especially in Indonesia.

“It’s very clear, when I speak live, I’m more about investment, certainly in football. I also believe that football can be a bridge to do other good things in the world,” said Adelle in Bali United’s TV broadcast.

Adelle admitted that if she had known the world of football since she was a child, this woman born on May 8, 1997 added that the world of men was introduced by the father and as a whole family as was born from the world of the round skin.

“Watching a soccer match is one of my favorites. Because, my father, brother and sister really like soccer, especially the Manchester United v Chelsea duel. That is my favorite, “said Adelle, who is currently studying at the University of California, Berkeley, majoring in economic development.

Adelle added that in 2010 it was the moment where he first watched soccer directly inside the stadium. For local matches, Adelle watched the 2010 AFF Cup final between the Indonesia vs Malaysia national team at the Bung Karno Main Stadium, Jakarta.

“The first match I witnessed directly at the stadium happened 10 years ago, er wrong, eight years ago. Indonesia vs Malaysia. That’s the AFF Cup final. Crazy, really happy. That made me realize, the fans who watched the ball were indeed fanatics. I became emotional too. There is no match atmosphere for the match,” said Adelle, who claimed to be single.

Adelle likens Bali United to his pride, and his idol player is Irfan Bachdim. As the owner of Bali United, it is certainly easy for Adelle to meet directly with her idol.

“Bali United is number one. My favorite team. I am also a big fan with Irfan Bachdim. When Malaysia vs Indonesia, he played, I did not focus on the match,” Adelle concluded.

Penulis: | 19 Juli 2019 | wags