How to download videos on Youtube without applications

Youtube is one of the platforms made by Google. On that platform we can watch millions of videos uploaded by other users. Many interesting videos are on Youtube, but due to copyright reasons, all the videos there cannot be downloaded or downloaded.

Even so, there is still an efficient way without using any additional applications to download or download videos on Youtube. Here are the ways:


There is a site that provides video download services on Youtube for free, namely The way is very easy, open the site, copy the Youtube video link / url that you want to download, paste it in the provided link column.

Later, the video quality options that you want to download will appear, then click Download. Your browser will automatically save the video on the device being used.

There are other easy ways that can be used. Add two SS letters in the front row of the youtube video link that you want to download or download.

2. Vidpaw

How to download the next YouTube video through the site The way it works is the same as the previous site where you just paste the copied video link into the column. The difference with, Vidpaw also provides audio files only for users to download.

This feature is suitable for storing songs taken from the Video Clip song on Youtube.

3. Y2Mate

Basically, Y2mate also works the same way with the two sites above. Visit the Site, then paste the Youtube Video link that you want to download in the column provided.

It’s just that, the start button on the site is not to download videos, but to process videos with several resolution quality options available. Select the resolution we want, then click Download.

Those are 3 easy ways to download Youtube videos without an application. However, it is important to know, re-uploading the video online will certainly violate copyright as determined by the Youtube.

Not surprisingly, some social media or YouTube accounts get a reprimand for doing so. In fact, not a few of them are sued by the original video owner.

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