How to cook chicken perfectly

Chicken, no doubt is one of the favorite processed menus at home, because there are many diverse menus that can be processed. For example Chicken Opor, Bbq Chicken, Beef Stews, Chicken Soto, or the easiest is fried chicken. But, interestingly, not many people know how to cook chicken perfectly.

Because there are many stories of mothers at home who process chicken meat, but not fully cooked, leaving a ‘weird’ taste when eating it to the bones. Indeed, if it is unable to process it, chicken meat will not be fully cooked to the deepest part. If it’s like this, the chicken must be cooked again for several times.

Of course, it’s a pretty complicated way, so here we will share tips how to cook chicken perfectly.

1. Don’t cut chicken into large pieces

Cutting chicken should not be too big. For information, Cutting chicken with pieces that are not too large will shorten the cooking time because then, the meat will cook faster than large pieces. Especially if you want to fry crispy chicken that is prone to not being cooked inside. Just a suggestion, you should ask the meat seller directly to cut the chicken meat into small pieces.

2. Cut meat on several sides

In some dishes, sometimes large pieces of chicken are needed. So, how to work around this so that it is perfectly cooked? It’s easy, make cuts on the chicken meat on several sides so that the inside of the meat is more easily cooked, whether it’s later fried, grilled, or processed soup.

3. Better to boil it first

The safest way to cook chicken to make it perfect is to boil it for a few minutes. If it’s been boiled for at least 30 minutes, the chicken doesn’t need to be fried for too long.

4. Cooked a bit longer

If indeed there is not enough time to boil the chicken first, take it easy, there are still other ways. For example if you want to make fried chicken, make sure to fry it for a long time with a lot of oil until the chicken sinks. Suggestion, don’t use high heat, this will make the chicken skin burned faster.

Penulis: | 4 Desember 2019 | blog