Hot video of Lewis Hamilton with his former girlfriend viral in social media!

Nicole Scherzinger looked panicked when social media was thrilled with the viral videos that were known to contain her ‘hot relationship’ with ex-boyfriend, Lewis Hamilton. Scherzinger said he was very nervous about the circulation of new videos on social media.

Scherzinger, known to be a member of The Pussycat Dolls, was seen speaking in front of the camera in the contents of the video, before another clip showed him hugging Lewis Hamilton on a bed with an open look without a cloth.

The video essays which have been spread widely to the public are known to be recorded on mobile phones with a duration of two and a half minutes. So far, the hot video has been watched as many as 300 thousand times. Although it does not feature intimate videos, Scherzinger remains anxious about new videos popping up and getting hotter.

“He was worried about new videos or photos that were later published. Nicole was very disappointed because someone violated her privacy. He was worried because he had deleted the video for a long time. So someone must get it from the cloud, “Hamilton said.

If referring to this case, Scherzinger and Hamilton are not the only public figures who experienced hacking in the technology. A big scandal came in 2014 when several stars such as personal photos of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, and Kirsten Dunst appeared to the public in a sexy look.

Outside the context of this video, it is known that Scherzinger’s relationship with Hamilton is like rubber breaking. Meeting in the 2007 season, Scherzinger and Hamilton had experienced many broken moments of connection. They were noted to have ended the love story in the 2015 season.

Distance and profession become an obstacle to experiencing their different thoughts and principles so they decide to separate. Scherzinger is known as the world’s top board actress, while Hamilton is the Formula 1 champion in several editions.

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