Honda Ensures Marc Marquez Comeback Delayed

Marc Marquez fans seem to have to be more patient with the action of the idol, because the Spanish rider will certainly not make his comeback in the first series at the Losail Qatar Circuit, as an official statement from HRC.

Marc Marquez is actually in a recovering condition after being sidelined due to a fracture that has befallen him over the past year. In fact, the rider has started training on the motorbike since a week ago.

With his pretty good development so far, it’s only natural that the 27-year-old rider is believed to be able to make his comeback in the first series of the 2021 season at the Losail Qatar Circuit on March 26-28.

But it looks like the Marc Marquez fans who can’t wait to see the idol back in action seem to have to hold their patience again. The reason is, Marc Marquez’s current condition is apparently not quite ready to appear on the real track.

The news was confirmed directly by the Honda Racing Club (HRC), where in its upload HRC explained that the medical team at Ruber Internacional Hospital, Madrid, Spain said that it would be wiser if Marc Marquez did not participate in the first series later.

According to dr. Samuel Antuna, dr. Ignacio Roger de Ona, dr. Dr Miguel Ibarzabal, and dr. Garcia Villanueva, Marquez’s arm bone who had a pseudoarthrosis infection, gave a good clinical response in motor training after 15 weeks since the third operation.

However, as the bones also had to undergo more precise consolidation, the doctors working on the medical team agreed that it would be wise not to take the eight-time world champion on the track any time soon.

“After undergoing a recent examination with the medical team, the doctors advised me that the most important thing is not to take part in the Qatar Grand Prix and to continue the recovery plan that we have been implementing over the last few weeks.”

“I certainly want to be able to participate in the first race of the World Championship, but we have to keep working so that we can recover to optimal conditions where we can get back into competition.” That is the statement of HRC.

Penulis: | 24 Maret 2021 | blog