Holds no club status, this is what Joe Hart said

Joe Hart is a former mainstay goalkeeper of Manchester City and the English national team, but his fate is now truly Ironic. The 33-year-old holds a club-less status as his contract is not renewed by Burnley.

The name Joe Hart began to evaporate since he was believed to be Manchester City’s main goalkeeper in 2007. The position was successfully defended for eight seasons. During that period, he managed to present 5 titles for Citizen.

Two of them included the Premier League titles in the 2011/12 and 2013/14 seasons. He also contributed to the success of City through the semifinals in 2016.

Then, Pep Guardiola’s presence in the manager’s seat at the start of the 2016/17 season made Joe Hart ignored. Concerned that his future was threatened, the player was then willing to lend to a number of clubs including Torino to get more minutes to play.

Last time, Joe Hart played for Burnley and his contract ended this summer. Unfortunately, there are no new contracts offered by the Premier League club, as a result Joe Hart is now not tied to any club.

Of course players without clubs sound terrible, but Joe Hart has not lost his optimism at all.

“The fact that I have to sit on the bench for 18 months in the Premier League will not define or destroy me,”

“I still remember myself. I remember playing for the local team in the league on Sunday and trying to get into the Shrewsbury Town first team. “I learned early on – you have to keep everything in perspective,” he told BBC Sport.

Even so, that also doesn’t mean he expects an offer to come from a big club. All he wants is a club that believes in its quality and is ready to make it a mainstay next season.

“I’m not caught in the illusion that Real Madrid will come knocking on doors, get rid of Courtois and recruit me,”

“There are many things that I can offer. I just need someone to trust me and I will redeem that trust, “he concluded.

So far there has been no news about the club’s interest in Joe Hart.

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