His YouTube content was stolen, Deddy Corbuzier infuriates

After retiring from the magic world, Black-and-White Show Host, Deddy Corbuzier was very active on his Youtube channel. Many of the video podcasts that he broadcasts, along with certain guest stars and usually bring up topics that are currently being discussed.

Interestingly the topic raised by Azka Corbuzier’s father, then invited many Youtube users to watch the videos he uploaded. However, recently the ex-Kalina Oktavian’s husband was infuriated by the behavior of a person.

The person intentionally stole Deddy’s uploaded content or videos on his Youtube channel to be re-aired to attract viewers. Not accept, Deddy then sent a message directly to the official account of the person.

Despite getting a response, Deddy still looked upset with the person. He even uploaded a screenshot containing a conversation between him and that individual Instagram account.

In the photo caption he uploaded on Instagram, Deddy Corbuzier then wrote his frustration. He respects the creators of the homeland content, it’s just that if he steals other people’s content, the Magician strongly disagrees.

In fact, Deddy Corbuzier threatened not to delete the post until the person in question deleted all the content they stole from his YouTube channel.

“Dear @wavesuara, I still don’t understand how someone can start a complete company with a website, etc. by stealing other creators’ content (not just me) for your personal use. It’s been a week since I contacted you, but until now some of the content is still on which one is your name … (whatever the reason),” wrote Deddy in his statement.

“I, as a person, really support all creators in Indonesia so that they can develop even more with their works … Stealing people’s works is not one of them … Not plagiarism … Not imitating … But taking people ‘s works without permission and notice then using it for self-interest itself is wrong and violates copyrights, “he continued.

“WHEN INDONESIA FORWARDS WHEN THE MENTAL OF HIS COMMUNITY STILL LIKE THIS. I delete this when all my content has been deleted.. Maybe, “said Deddy Corbuzier.

Penulis: | 25 Februari 2020 | blog