High expectations makes Pogba suffer at Manchester United

One of Bayern Munich’s mainstay players, Kingsley Coman, shared his opinion about Paul Pogba at Manchester United who seemed unable to perform optimally. According to him, this was caused by excessive expectations of the player.

The public, especially the Manchester United fans, did seem so enthusiastic about the news of Paul Pogba’s transfer to Old Trafford in the 2016 summer transfer market. At that time, the French player was bought from Juventus for 106 million euros.

However, in the last four years the player has been less consistent, so he has often been the target of criticism when Manchester United have had disappointing results.

Of course this is very unfortunate, especially according to Kingsley Coman, his senior in the French National Team is an extraordinary player.

“I know Paul very well,” Coman told The Daily Mail.

According to Pogba’s former colleague at Juventus, the psychological pressure and demands that exist will greatly affect a player’s performance on the field.

In his view, Pogba found excessive expectations so that he could not bring out his best at Manchester United.

“Football is influenced a lot by thoughts and feelings. When we played together at the national team, I knew he always felt very good.”

“I myself am not in Manchester, so I don’t know the situation there. But in the national team, he always plays with a free mind so he can give all his qualities.” He said.

The public may be demanding a lot on Pogba because the club has paid dearly to buy the player. However, that does not mean that Pogba must continue to score goals and provide assists.

According to Coman, Pogba is at Manchester United to maintain the balance of the team considering his position as a midfielder.

“Manchester United bought him at a high price, but that doesn’t mean he has to score all the goals or provide all the assists for his team. He’s in that team to balance.” he said.

In the last two matches against Newcastle United and Paris Saint-Germain respectively, Pogba himself did not get the chance to play as a starter.

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