Here’s the right way to keep bread fresh

Bread is one type of food that is rich in carbohydrates because of the grain content in it. In fact, white bread can replace the role of rice because it satiates and provides power for those who consume it.

The difference is, if the remaining rice can be warmed, then what about the remaining white bread? If allowed to stand or stored in an improper way, white bread will be covered with mushrooms so it is not suitable for consumption.

For information, in a piece of white bread contained approximately 3% carbohydrate that serves as an energy booster. 0.2% fat, and 7 grams of protein. White bread usually will expire in three days from the day of purchase.

Therefore, many people who rush to finish their bread, remember this bread is moldy very quickly. Many try to outsmart by putting white bread into the refrigerator to make it more durable.

This method is indeed effective, but the texture of white bread will change drastically to become stiffer or not soft once it enters the refrigerator. As a result, hardened white bread is no longer interesting to eat.

Get around this, not a few who then bake their white bread to become loaves of bread. In fact, there are other solutions that have been proven to make white bread can last longer even up to one month without making the bread harden.

How to do? The right way to store white bread is to store it in the freezer. Not just in the refrigerator, but in the freezer, either in the freezer in an ordinary refrigerator, or a special freezer.

Now, considering that food that has thawed should not be frozen, you should take enough frozen food to be processed. The remainder is left in the freezer. After leaving the freezer, you can warm the bread to make the texture soft again.

By placing or storing white bread in a freezer can inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi. But it is recommended not to leave it for longer when it comes out of the freezer, because the fungus will immediately multiply quickly.

So, have you ever tried this method at home?

Penulis: | 13 Februari 2020 | blog