Here’s the explanation of Juventus President regarding Paulo Dybala’s new contract

Recently the public was shocked by complaints from one of Juventus’ mainstay players, Paulo Dybala, who claimed to have not received a new contract from the club. Interestingly, President Andrea Agnelli denied the claims of the Argentine player.

Since being bought from Palermo in the summer of 2015, Paulo Dybala has contributed to the 10 titles won by Juventus. In short, the 27-year-old player deserves to be called one of the Bianconneri’s mainstay stars.

Moreover, the fact that in the last six seasons the player has collected 240 appearances with 97 goals in between.

Last season, Dybala’s performance was not exactly disappointing, because in fact he managed to score 17 goals and 14 assists in 46 matches in all competitions.

But indeed, for some reason Dybala’s performance seemed to have decreased at the start of this season.

So far, he has only scored one goal in 11 matches in all competitions. In fact, this goal was created in a match against a team in the middle of nowhere, Ferencvaros in the European Champions League.

But a month later, in the match against Genoa last weekend, Dybala scored another goal and led Juventus to victory.

After the match, it was interesting that the player “flicked” Juventus management, which until now has not sent him a new contract proposal.

Responding to complaints from the player, President Andrea Agnelli can only say that it is a complaint from a player who loves Juventus.

“I hear with pleasure about his love for Juventus, his love is repaid. We see him as a captain in the future,” Agnelli said at the Golden Boy award evening to Tuttosport.

Interestingly, the number one person at Juventus revealed that Dybala had actually received a new contract proposal from the club management.

“I know that he has received a proposal that will put him in the 20 highest paid players in Europe. We are waiting for his response, the most important thing is to see the answer on the field,”

“We all want him to be one of the best five players in Europe, he still hasn’t reached there and is aware of that,” concluded Agnelli.

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