Here’s how to restore deleted photos on your smartphones

Mobile phones or smartphones in this day and age have changed functions, not only as a communication tool, but also as a medium for playing games, reading books, recording videos, audio and taking pictures or photos. The camera on a smartphone now is a very mandatory component.

Nowadays people don’t need to use a camera to capture certain moments, because there is already a camera on a cellphone with various features offered. However, the moment could have been erased from the mobile phone either intentionally or not. Sometimes, we accidentally delete the photo file.

Of course, it is unfortunate if what is lost are photos of rare moments, but now smartphone users do not need to panic anymore. There are several applications that can be used to restore photos that have been accidentally deleted from our smartphones.

1. DigDeep

– Download the application in Playstore, then run as usual
– After running, this application will go through a fairly long loading process, just be patient and wait until all the photos appear on our cellphone
– After finding the photo you want to return, mark the photo then tap Restore.
– When finished, there will be a ‘Check’ option to see the work of the application, whether the missing photos have returned or not.
– To view photos that have been restored, open the Gallery application then find the Restore Pictures folder.

However, it should be noted that this application cannot restore all photos that have been deleted, so you should be more careful.

2. Restore Image

– Download the application, and run it after the install process takes place
– Open the application then select the option “Search the image you want to restore”
– Select Folder, then select Restore
– After the restore process is complete, automatically the photos that were deleted will appear again in your phone’s gallery.

Those are the steps to restore deleted photos on our cell phone, whether intentionally or not. Never forget you to backup photos on your cellphone with a flash or laptop, so you don’t panic when the photos are deleted.

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