Held a sex party in Batam, this Premier League referee was charged a ‘yellow card’ by in-law

The past week has spread the horrendous news of English football, where several Premier League referees have been partying with many night entertainers in Batam, Indonesia. Interestingly here, when one of the referees was veteran referee, Martin Atkinson.

He further explained that Atkinson would soon get a yellow card from his in-laws, because of his naughty action. It is well known that Atkinson is partying on Batam along with his three fellow professions as Premier League referees, namely Andre Marriner, Kevin Friend and David Coote.

In accordance with the existing agenda, the four world-class referees deliberately came to Indonesia at a charity event. While they were there, they distributed a number of helmets known as the Premier League logo. It is appropriate to appreciate this charity activity because all costs incurred are the result of personal pockets.

After completing all the charity activities, Atkinson and his friends also tried to enjoy the final day where the coolness of Indonesia, especially Batam. Before returning to England on Friday, June 7, 2019. The four had stopped by at a bar party and karaoke place.

The bad thing was that they were accompanied by a number of sexy women. This moment then invited a lot of attention from the British public, because the four men had wives and only one was single.

Three who are married are Atkinson, Marriner, and Friend. Where Marriner, father of one child, was caught on camera at a club with a woman who is sitting on his lap. Meanwhile both hands were tightly tied to his waist.

David Coote, who is the only single, captured by a camera, is holding a woman as they spin in a nightclub. While Atkinson himself was seen hugging with a sexy woman in a red dress.

All of these stories were heard directly by Atkinson’s mother-in-law, Carol Parmley. Although she claimed to have not seen evidence of outstanding photos, but according to her confession, she was ready to issue a yellow card to Atkinson.

“I will immediately talked to him when I arrived in England later,” said Parmley.

Parmley had not spoken specifically to her daughter, Julie about the photos showing the sexy woman itching to Atkinson cs.

“She (Julie) is on vacation, I haven’t heard from her about it. I can’t imagine Martin flirting with anyone or doing something that isn’t right if it’s being insinuated,” Parmley continued.

Referring to the figure of Atkinson, English football lovers know him as a seasoned referee with such high flight hours. The note explains if Atkinson began his career as a referee for the English Premier League in the 2002 season.

In total, Atkinson has led the match 439 times with many individual awards both on local and national performances.

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