Hazard’s reaction about his possibility to join Madrid

Eden Hazard continues to give big questions to the public regarding his future with Chelsea. This latest, Hazard with Real Madrid claimed to have got a personal agreement. Although it continued to grow, Hazard claimed he had never negotiated with Madrid, and that meant Hazard brushed aside all the news.

Indeed, Hazard is a player who has a dream of playing with Real Madrid. It is not uncommon, when EL Real desperately needs a replacement for Cristiano Ronaldo. Now, a new era is happening again, where Zinedine Zidane is back as Real Madrid’s main coach.

The return of Zidane is predicted to be a consideration for Hazard to negotiate with Chelsea. Hazard had secretly reached a personal agreement with Madrid worth £ 14 million per year.

Chelsea as the official owner of Hazard’s services at the moment does not seem to be able to do much, when Hazard really wants to play in Spanish La Liga. So far Hazard has not signed a contract extension offered by Chelsea, which means he can leave at a relatively cheap price in the summer transfer market because his contract expires in 2020/21.

The hot situation that Hazard raised could be said to be very similar to the Thibaut Courtois case. At that time, the Blues were forced to release Courtois to Madrid because they did not want to lose the goalkeeper for free. The more difficult it is clearly in the Chelsea camp, where they are still serving a ban on spending players for two seasons on UEFA sanctions.

Hazard himself is in the environment of the Belgian national team, where they will undergo the Euro 2020 Group qualifying party. Hazard’s capacity here is as captain and mainstay player Roberto Martinez in an effort to dismantle the opponent’s defense.

“The future has already been seen, there is no need to make new reports or things that are not true. I want to focus on the Euro 2020 qualifying match. “said Hazard.

A bid of 60 million pounds for Hazard was heard last season, but the big Madrid offer has been rejected outright by the Chelsea camp because they think the player’s selling price can be more than that.

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