Hazard’s farewell letter to Chelsea goes viral!

European champion, Real Madrid have officially released the certainty of getting the services of Eden Hazard next season. The success of EL Real brings the Belgian national team’s determination based on a transfer value agreement of 100 million Euros for the Blues Chelsea.

History records that Hazard joined Chelsea since 2012 after being brought in from Lille. Playing in the English Premier League competition, Hazard successfully developed into one of the world class players with skill and physically above the average of other players.

In the seven years of his career with the Blues Chelsea, Hazard presented six titles including the FA Cup, Community Shield Cup, two Premier League titles and two Europa League titles. The connection of EL Real to Hazard have been intertwined for the past one season.

Until the end of the 2018-2019 season, then Chelsea dared to take Hazard to the lap of Madrid. The Belgian national team captain was projected as a substitute for the figure of Cristiano Ronaldo, who left the Santiago Bernabeu toward Juventus at the end of the 2017-2018 season.

Investigated, Hazard and Madrid agreed on the duration of the five-season contract with two times salary he received from Chelsea. This certainty will illustrate that Hazard will play in Spanish La Liga until the upcoming 2024 season.

This certainty clearly surprised many as Hazard had said he wanted to survive because of the deep love for Chelsea. But until finally all that feeling was lost on the temptation of his dream since childhood who hoped to graze with Real Madrid.

The decision to leave Madrid was a heavy consideration for Hazard, as he got a big name in the world of soccer while playing with Chelsea, on the basis of which Hazard wrote a heart-touching farewell letter to Chelsea and his fans, on his personal Facebook account which contained the following:

“All of you finally found out that I am now in Real Madrid uniform. This can’t be covered is a dream just playing since the young man who just scored my first goal. I have tried my best not to distract me or the team through this difficult period of media speculation and attention, especially in the past 6 months.

The club finally reached an agreement. I hope you understand that I want to continue with the new chapter, as each of you must do when you have the opportunity to pursue your dreams. Lifting the leg of Chelsea is a big and very heavy decision in my career. Now I want to note one thing that is always clear to me, I love every moment at Chelsea and not once have I considered it, nor will I go to another club.

When I joined Chelsea, when I was just 21 years old, I have grown as a man and a player with all of you, you have helped me become the captain of the Belgian national team. Of course, there are difficult times, for the team as a whole and for me personally, this is professional football. However, soccer for me is about a ball that is always in my feet, playing games and enjoy every moment, we are lucky to play a beautiful game and this is always my advice for those who ask for training tips! Play soccer and have fun!

I always try to play well even though we end up playing badly, and this is thanks to your extraordinary support. Fighting spirit, desire and refusal to surrender are part of the culture here at Chelsea and it comes directly from you.

When my memory returned with a white shirt at Chelsea’s reception for me, there were so many, we were fortunate to be able to win more matches than we have
defeated. Those who know me understand that it is not me who notes what I have won, all I can say is that every award, both as a team and as an individual, is extraordinary. In the future, I expect to be able to drink beer and talk or laugh proudly about my failed penalty or my header to win the league against Cyrstal Palace, or goals against Tottenham, Arsenal or Liverpool.

The memories are very clearly felt because you always create, I hope you always remember it proudly, just like me. Whether it’s a tour in the United States, or Sunderland on Tuesday night, in Russia on Thursday, or of course every match at The Bridge – you always support me and encourage me to play soccer and be myself – Like I have enjoyed myself I, I hope you also enjoy all the processes that exist, I’m just sorry I didn’t go away with a defending award between my honor!

Chelsea have many great players and managed to create many happy moments. We have won the FA Cup, League Cup, Europa League and Premier League all as family. Each was so special in its own way and of course the match in Baku a few weeks ago was the perfect way to end a difficult season, and hope to run out of the World Cup.

Chelsea and fans will always be at a special place in front of me and next season I will look for the results of the matches you have won first. I hope that we will face each other in the Champions League next season and every season so we can meet again.

Before I disappeared from Chelsea, I expressed a lot of thanks to the figures at the club for their extraordinary efforts at the moments we lived from time to time. To all my former colleagues, we will say goodbye to the right time, not forgetting I have to thank the club owner, Mr. Roman Abramovich and other senior officials for helping me realize not one, but two dreams, my first being a Chelsea player and today becoming a Real Madrid player.

I wish you and all the best for my friend.

Eden Hazard


Since its release on Friday, 7 June 2019 local time, Hazard’s farewell letter received many responses from Chelsea fans as well as true fans of world soccer ,who successfully trended on their Facebook accounts and other social media accounts.

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