Harry Maguire believes Manchester United will win Premier League next season

How the struggle and hard work of Manchester United to successfully finish at number 3 in the final standings this season deserves to be appreciated.

The reason is, since the beginning of this season very few people suspect that the Red Devils can penetrate the last four of the Premier League final standings, moreover finishing in 3rd place.

Naturally, because their performance in the first half of this season is somewhat inconsistent. However, since the arrival of Bruno Fernandes in January, Manchester United immediately rose.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s team then continued their impressive and consistent performance since football was rolled back in post-quarantine. In the end, they managed to get rid of Chelsea from the top three.

Captain and defender of the Red Devils, Harry Maguire understands very well that the top three is an important achievement for his team. However, that does not mean MU can be satisfied with just that.

The success of stepping into the European Champions League should have been achieved, nothing special. But on the one hand, according to the defender, this is how MU silenced the critics.

“That’s why I joined this club. I joined to play in the European Champions League. At the start of the season, not many people supported us. Now we are ranked third in the league and everyone says: ‘Yes, his name is MU too’. ”

“However, at the start of the season nobody believed we could reach the top four, but we continued to work hard, we progressed, and I think that is especially this season,” Maguire told MUTV.

Finish in the top four is indeed a minimum target of Manchester United, but this is not the real target. Harry Maguire insisted that his team would win the Premier League next season.

“What you are witnessing now is the MU team that should be, who are not satisfied with only the top four, that’s us,” continued Maguire.

“We set a target of four as a minimum requirement, we are very confident that we can achieve it. Indeed, we are late, but in the end arrived. This is not what we want in the future. The future is about winning the trophy and winning the Premier League,” he concluded.

Penulis: | 29 Juli 2020 | blog