Harry Kane is on the same level as Lewandowski

Former Manchester United player Dimitar Berbatov claims that Harry Kane deserves to be called a top striker and even loses his level to Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

Harry Kane is known to play as a pure striker, in which role he has played very well so far, both at Tottenham Hotspur and in the England National Team.

However, recently he has appeared more often as a number 10 player, with an additional role as a creator of opportunities and attacks for Tottenham.

Even though it was not his original role, but Kane seemed to be able to carry out a very good job. According to Berbatov, there are few players who are better than Kane in the world of modern football.

In fact, the former Manchester United player thinks Kane has only lost to Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionle Messi. Not only that, according to him, Kane is at the same level as Polish striker Robert Lewandowski.

He considered Kane only lost to the duo Ronaldo Messi, and at the same level as Lewandowski. Kane’s game evolution to become the no.10 player makes it even more complete.

“After Messi and Ronaldo, Harry Kane and Robert Lewandowski are the two best talents in this sport. Look at Kane’s assist last weekend [vs West Ham], it’s a high level game, you can only expect it from a player like Kevin De Bruyne.”

“The Spurs striker continues to prove that he can be the No.10 player, not just playing in front of the ball,” Berbatov told Betfair.

Berbatov, who is also a former Tottenham Hotspur player, also praised Son Heung-Min as Kane’s partner on the Spurts front line. According to him, this striker duet made him remember his duet with Robbie Keane.

“Kane and Son are great fun to watch. Two great players who know each other very well. They remind me of myself and Keano, almost telepathic. They understand that football is not a selfish sport.”

“And when you try to help your teammates and play for them, you play better yourself and help the team,” he concluded.

Penulis: | 23 Oktober 2020 | blog