Harry Kane determined to smash Messi and Ronaldo’s scoring records

Tottenham Hotspur’s mainstay striker, Harry Kane, revealed one of his greatest determination in a career as a football player, who was none other than following in the footsteps of two of the world’s best players in the past decade, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. According to the England National Team player, the two players have created their own standards to score goals in each season.

As is known, Harry Kane has indeed been recognized as one of the best European stickers, at least in the last three years. How come? Throughout this period, the concerned were always able to appear as the front line of Tottenham Hotspur. In the first and second season, he was able to become the Premier League’s top scorer, while in his third season last season, Kane scored 31 goals.

However, Kane considers that the levels of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are in a different place, because the two players are able to consistently create their standard goals in the last ten years. Therefore, ahead of the meeting against Messi’s team at the Camp Nou on the 2nd matchdays of the group phase of the European Champions League on Thursday (04/10), Kane expressed his determination to make it the same or if possible exceed the incision of those two players.

“He has set his own standards. Ronaldo and him have exceeded the normal standards, set by people for years before. Around 50-60 goals in each season. As a striker I tried to match them and do the same thing. They still can score a lot of goals and it motivates me to score more goals and if possible, I will score more than them someday.” said Kane during a press conference (Hotspur vs Barcelona match) in the Champions League on Thursday (4/10) early morning.

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