Harbolnas 12.12, VIVO offers tantalizing discounts

The National Online Shopping Day or Harbolnas has arrived, starting from Wednesday, December 11, 2019 to today, Thursday, December 12, 2019. Of course, at this once a year event, there are various promos and discounts offered by various local producers, not to mention the smartphone manufacturer, VIVO Indonesia.

Harbolnas itself is indeed used as a venue to increase unit sales by many parties, including VIVO itself. One of them is by presenting various attractive promos to attract a lot of customers at this annual shopping party. Reportedly, VIVO will offer more promos and discounts than usual.

“During Harbolnas, we want to achieve sales targets with the number many times the usual days. The presence of various programs such as Vivo S1 Pro Happy Holideals and 12.12 Promos can help support Vivo’s sales target at Harbolnas, “Edy Kusuma as Senior Brand Director of Vivo Indonesia told Detiknet.

S1 Pro Happy Holideals is a Vivo S1 Pro sales program that applies to all offline stores in Indonesia, with various promotions and discounts offered. For those of you who bought Vivo S1 Pro in the period 30 November to 5 January 2020 have the opportunity to get a variety of prizes. The most tempting is the gift of a trip to Japan, may even invite one friend to join.

In addition to these travel prizes, there are also other attractive prizes such as Vivo S1 Pro, Vivo Y81, Traveloka Points worth Rp 2.5 million, Miniso Headphones, Skin Vivo x PUBG, and Gojek vouchers valued at Rp 115 thousand.

The VIVO S1 Pro itself is one of the latest smartphones made by Vivo which is indeed being intensively introduced by this Taiwanese company. There are many features found on the phone, including a Touch ID Screen, 32MP Camera, and many more. What is clear, this VIVO S1 Pro is perfect for millennials who want a flagship phone at an affordable price.

Buying it at Harbolnas will be an advantage, who knows you are lucky to get a grand prize for a trip to Japan.

Penulis: | 12 Desember 2019 | blog