Hansi Flick makes Coutinho’s future gloomier

The conversation about the future of Brazilian Playmaker Philippe Coutinho is endless lately. Coach Hansi Flick in his statement, actually makes the future of former Liverpool sound increasingly unclear.

Philippe Coutinho joined Bayern Munich in the transfer market last summer, as a loan for one season. Because this season’s campaign will end in the near future, the Brazilian star must return to Barca next summer.

But the story could be different if Bayern Munchen fulfills an option in the player’s contract agreement, the option to redeem his clause permanently for 150 Million Euros.

It’s just that, so far there is no sign that the Bundesliga champions will buy Coutinho permanently.

The future of the player also seems increasingly unclear, seeing his absence on the bench on the first day of the resumption of the German Bundesliga yesterday. Not to mention hearing the following statement from coach Hansi Flick.

“I cannot say what will happen to him after this season. Philippe is a good person as well as an amazing footballer. I enjoyed working with him. ”

We hope he can get back with us as soon as possible and play a few games before the end of the season, “Hansi Flick told media crews quoted from the Mirror.

However, The Mirror reported that the Brazilian’s absence was not because he was not included in the squad, but because of an injury that made him pull over before the league was suspended.

While in terms of statistics, Coutinho’s performance performed quite well at Bayern Munich. The proof, the former Liverpool star scored nine goals and eight assists in the German Bundesliga.

Reportedly, Coutinho is being approached by a number of clubs related to the situation that occurred. Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and even Newcastle are said to be interested in proposing to him from Barcelona next season.

But, indeed the clarity about his future is unknown. One thing that might be clear, the former Inter Milan player is unlikely to return to Barcelona, ​​because he has no place in the Catalan giants.

The La Liga club have recruited Antoine Griezmann from Atletico Madrid last summer.

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