Hana Hanifah apologies after being arrested regarding artist prostitution

Indonesian FTV artist Hana Hanifah finally spoke about her involvement in the artist prostitution case, which has been raging for the past few days. The 23-year-old woman said she was sorry and apologized to the people closest to her.

This was said by Hana when it was presented by Polrestasbes Medan for the first time in public. In addition, she also apologized to all citizens of the city of Medan.

“I apologize to my parents and to my relatives. I apologize to the citizens of the City of Medan,” said Hana at Medan Police Resort.

Furthermore, Hana stressed that her status in the case was only as a witness, and she also thanked all the police.

“Thanking Mr. North Sumatra Police Chief, Mr. Medan Police Chief, and Satreskrim for taking care of me while in Medan. And the legal advisory team, Machi and Sis Putri. My status here as only a witness, “she said.

The Medan police are also currently exploring online prostitution cases involving Hana Hanifah and other FTV artists. There is a pimp who brings Hana with a masher in various regions in Indonesia.

“What we need to know together, we also deepen the evidence of chat from witness H with her colleagues or even colleagues in several cities. So it was the first time during a direct interview with the person concerned,” said the Medan Police Chief, Senior Commissioner Riko Sunarko.

What is surprising here, the Police revealed that it turns out that Hanifah Hannah has been involved in prostitution for the past year. The reason is because the economic benefits obtained are quite tempting.

“The person conveyed that in Medan only once, but she did this, she acknowledged it for one year. I have stated the reason earlier, promising enormous economic benefits,”

However, so far there has been no explanation from the police about how much money Hana obtained from this illegal work.

Actually, the names Hana Hanifah was recently viral because it was known to have an argument with Nabilya Aprilia, the former lover of Atta Halilintar.

Penulis: | 15 Juli 2020 | blog