Gundogan doesn’t mind Liverpool win title if Premier League is abolished

Although it sounds unfair, Manchester City midfielder, Ilkay Gundogan does not mind if the title is given to Liverpool, if the Premier League competition this season is eliminated.

At present, the English Premier League competition is being postponed temporarily following the Corona Virus pandemic or COVID-19 which has been exposed to the United Kingdom. The plan, the competition will roll again at the end of April 2020 later.

Before the suspension, the League had reached Week 29. Liverpool managed to occupy the top of the standings. Not just leading, Jurgen Klopp’s troops are also just one step away from locking the championship trophy.

Marseyside’s team is 25 points ahead of nearest rival who is none other than Manchester City. With these advantages, it means that Liverpool only need six additional points to seal the championship title.

However, the trophy that is already in sight is now threatened to disappear if the league authorities decide to cancel this season due to the plague that never subsided.

The problem is, many parties do not agree to the title given to Liverpool if the competition this season is completely eliminated. Given, in addition to thinking about who has the right to come out as champions, it also means thinking about the team that must be relegated and who qualified for the European stage.

Therefore, it seems unfair to give the title to Liverpool without thinking about the fate of other teams. For example, Manchester United are only three points adrift of the European Champions league zone in the standings.

However, Manchester City midfielder Ilkay Gundogan agreed the title was given to Liverpool. He felt no problem if the champion trophy was won by Jurgen Klopp’s troops. In fact, he actually considers it a fair decision.

“I have no problem [if Liverpool get the title], you have to be fair,” Gundogan told German media, ZDF.

Initially, the Premier League this season was postponed until early April, but due to worsening conditions, the competition authorities extended the suspension until the end of April. There is also a discourse that the suspension will last longer.

“Honestly, I can’t imagine it and I don’t know how realistic the plan is,” said the former Borussia Dortmund player.

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