Group H Japan vs. Senegal Guide for FIFA World Cup 2018

Japan and Senegal being in the Group H will give a great competition in this World Cup 2018. Japan vs. Senegal match is fixed for 24th June at 4 pm at Ekaterinburg Arena Stadium. Both of the teams are so strong, and there is going to be a great competition between them.

Japan, this time is going to be more determined than ever to improve their pedigree as they lack it from last year against Senegal. On the other hand, Senegal will try to continue their streak to win over Japan every time. This would be difficult for Japan to win against Senegal as Japan is having some sort of bad times that can create hassles for Japan. Anyways, both the teams have excellent gameplay, and it will feel great to see them playing this World cup 2018.

Aliou Cisse playing as a head coach for Senegal will put something new for his game. It is going to be tough to compete against Senegal for everyone this time. Current coach Aliou Cisse was the captain of 2002 team, and he is then known for his unusual strategies. According to FIFA ranking, Senegal stands at 28 this year, and it is not a small number against hundreds of teams in Football 2018. Well, the player that you must watch this year will be Sadio Mane from Liverpool who is putting everything on fire in his gameplay.

On the other hand, Japan is handled by Akira Nishino as a head coach, and no one can predict the strategy play by this guy. Last time, Japan qualified for Russia after finishing at the top in Asian zone Group B. This is the 6th time of Japan appearing in this world cup, and we will see who took over group H. Well, Maya Yoshida being the most abundant player in Japan team will be bliss to see. Ranking at 60, Japan is far away from Senegal, but numbers do not matter when players are in form. We will see what will happen this year and for now, Senegal is having an advantage of winning over Japan every time.

With both the teams, looking at their defense, it does not seem like anyone is going to top the charts this time. Although, Senegal is looking a little dangerous this time and Sadio Mane is ready to set this world cup on fire.

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