Griezmann can’t wait to play at El Clasico

The first volume of El Clasico this season will soon be held in the next three days, of course this is a special match, both for Barcelona and Real Madrid players. Griezmann, who will be one of the debutants in the El Clasico match later admitted he was impatient, he too was determined to show off his party at Camp Nou later.

As is known, Barcelona will hold a super big match match this weekend. They will host Real Madrid at the Camp Nou in a match titled El Clasico which will take place on Thursday at dawn, 19 December 2019.

In fact, for some players of both teams, this is their first El Clasico, for example in the Real Madrid camp there is Eden Hazard, while in Barca there is Antoine Griezmann. As is known, the French striker only joined Barcelona last summer after five years defending Atletico Madrid. He was redeemed through pockets of no less than 120 Million Euros.

Ahead of his first El Clasico match, Griezmann claimed to be very enthusiastic, “This is the most awaited match in the whole world,” Griezmann told Barcelona (dot) com.

Furthermore, this 28-year-old figure claimed to have long craved his first El Clasico match.

“This match is a very important match not only for the players, but also for our supporters. This will be an amazing experience, because I usually only watch Clasico on TV. Now like a dream come true, I can be directly involved in this match,” he said.

His determination is to bring Barcelona to victory in the match, and he is ready to perform to the best of his ability.

“I am very happy, and very much waiting for this match. The match will be an extraordinary day and I hope this team can play better and get the results that are of course expected.” He concluded.

This El Clasico match can be said to be decisive for a temporary standings, considering that Barcelona currently top the standings by just winning goal difference from their eternal rivals in second place.

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