Google officially released first developer preview of Android 11

Google is so intense in developing their Android operating system. After some time ago officially released Android 10, now the company from California, the United States is launching Android 11.

It’s just that Android 11 has just been released in the Developer version, meaning that not all Pixel series Mobile users can use it. Only those who register as Developer Preview will get this latest update.

The reason is because Android 11 is still under development, so the potential for bugs is huge. Along with this Android 11, there are several new features offered by Google, including them.


Actually, this feature has already been introduced by Facebook through their cross platform applications. Google then offers this feature on Android 11, the difference is that this feature can not only bring incoming message notifications, but also some Messaging applications like Whatsapp, Telegram, and others.

Better app permissions

App Permision has actually been introduced since Android 10, similar to the features on iOS. It’s just that on Android 11, App Permission looks better. In fact, users can give permission to the application to temporarily access the Camera, Microphone and others.

Screen recording

Screen Recording is a feature that allows users to record screen activity. Previously, Google had released it on android 10 beta, instead removing this feature in the Final version. Well, on Android 11, this feature is reappeared.

While minor changes made by Google on Android 11 include:
1. Setting the dark mode automatically.
2. Gesture Motion Sense to control music playback (Pixel 4 only).
3. Settings to increase touch screen sensitivity in Pixel 4.
4. Airplane mode no longer turns off the Bluetooth connection for audio.
5. Display interface for new screenshots, but this option is still hidden and does not appear automatically.

Of course other than those mentioned above, there are some invisible changes, such as better support for folding screen phones, waterfall displays, and better 5G connectivity support than before.

Penulis: | 20 Februari 2020 | blog